Diamond Dust from Vraja
by Lavanya-mangala-devi dasi

Srimati Radharani wears the rarest jewel
within a golden locket in Vrindavan-Gokul

She gazes into its twinkling gravitation
during moments of absolute desolation
spellbound by stinging sparks of stark separation
springing through white satin sashes of blinking eyes...

...aglow with ruby fire and heavy with desire
orbiting around Her charming constellations
in rings of overpowering oscillations
spanning galaxies of supreme divination
reflections of reflections
of reflections
of tiny silver mirrors
embedded in aureoles of tears that appear
inside the centers of which viraha is smeared...

...enchanted by this shimmering translucent sphere
spinning like a tinkling clear crystal chandelier
dazzling with sapphire prisms of sharp lovestruck spears
arresting affections with this gilt lavaliere
surpassing the bounds of earthly perimeters...

...its turning stilled by the approach of One most dear
Whose presence shrouds the darkest of dark skies severe
in full absorption of flute notes fluttering near...

...hanging in suspended animation
adorned with a veiled gem of elation
upon a necklace of pure black diamonds
by unsurpassed cords of attraction strung

Birthday Blessings
by Lavanya-mangala-devi dasi

blowing birthday wishes across galaxies of realities
to your blissful interlude of existential modalities

a season for celebrating your congeniality
a reason for contemplating your devotional mentality

unfurling spools of silver streamers in spurious capacity
while yogis meditate in Satya forests with pristine solemnity

the champagne of your vintage spirit sparkles with vivacity
the child in you falls through autumn leaves with sheer audacity

floating back to Goloka on vimanas transcending time and locality
flying high on the laughter of Nityananda's enchanting totality

showering mercy flowers and elixirs of vitality
distilled from rare herbal wild lands to heal your mortality

sprinkling glitters of garnet, pearl, sapphire and diamond confetti
to adorn the head of one regulated by morality

spinning golden filaments of dream-infused crystalline candy
to awaken your taste for the Absolute Truth's veracity

adoring the twinkling jewels of your intellect's sagacity
extolling the virtue of this life you've passed so rapidly

wishing your soul might sip its nectar of eternal identity
as the memory unfolds of serving your source of supremacy

mad bees hover around the creamcakes celebrating your religiosity
murmuring sacred mantras above the aura of your genuine bhakti

fanning your fleeting earthly sweetness with flames of pure proclivity
to surrender birthdays,work, disease, death and gross festivities
for everlasting vast personal potentialities
in the realm of unadulterated loving spontaneity